An exciting new addition to the Hatzolah fleet

Hatzolah adds a state-of-the-art ambulance to its fleet, thanks to the amazing donation of a generous community member. Look out for A9 on the road!

In November 2012, a very generous donor made a remarkable contribution to Hatzolah, which allowed us to purchase another ambulance for our six-strong fleet. When considering the significant cost of the state-of-the-art ambulances that Hatzolah uses to maintain our superb service, the generosity of community members is our only way to raise funds to grow our fleet.

The ambulance is a Volkwagen Transporter and just like the other six ambulances in the Hatzolah fleet, it is fitted with the best technology and equipment in emergency medicine in the world. However, this new addition has allowed Hatzolah the opportunity to improve our efficiency even further. Its interior has been reconfigured to a different format than the others and will be tested for six months. If the new format is successful, we will reconfigure the others to match the new, improved format.

Aside from the outstanding level of service we're able to provide to the community with an ambulance fleet of this caliber, it also reinforces an enormous sense of pride in our responders, who remain motivated and inspired to do the best job they can, using the best technology on the market. We will soon be retiring a few of our older ambulances, and so this new addition is both welcome and essential. A9 is fully operational and on the road, so look out for it!