Hatzolah's Top 10 Holiday Safety tips!

  1. Sun Cream: Don’t ruin a perfectly relaxing, summer holiday by overdosing on sunshine. We South Africans love the sun, but we need to know when a lot is actually too much. Apply sun cream (a high SPF) generously and re-apply throughout the day. Apply even when overcast!
  2. Water: Always have a generous supply of water each day during your summer holiday and when going out for the day. Remind your kids to drink frequently.
  3. Long drives: The driver must be well rested before a long journey and take frequent stops to stretch.
  4. Car safety: Make sure you do all the pre-checks on your vehicle before a long drive (oil, water, lights, indicators, wheel alignment, breaks etc.)
  5. Tire pressure: When traveling to or from the coast, the atmospheric pressure changes, so frequently check your tire pressure.
  6. Cell phone: When you are out for the day, make sure you have enough cell phone battery. Save all the necessary emergency numbers, and if you are away from Johannesburg, make sure you have Netcare and ER24’s numbers saved.
  7. Pool gates: Make sure that your pool gate is always locked and that children are supervised at all times around water (no matter the size of the body of water).
  8. Chronic medication: When going on holiday, make sure you have more than enough of your daily medication, in case you lose and can't replace it at your destination.
  9. Emergency medication: Don’t forget to pack your emergency medication (asthma pump, Epipen)
  10. Have fun. Be safe!