New Life-Saving Treatment

For over a decade in the medical field, studies have shown that when a patient is revived from cardiac arrest, there are enormous benefits to cooling the patient’s body to the point of mild hypothermia. When considering the potentially devastating neurological outcomes of cardiac arrest, cooling the body improves and preserves brain function and provides a much higher chance of a normal recovery. In 2010, international guidelines shifted to strongly recommending pre-hospital therapeutic hypothermia to improve the outcome of cardiac arrest.

The cooling system Hatzolah uses is called EMCools, which are external cooling pads applied to the patient’s body to rapidly drop the temperature to a level of hypothermia that actually helps the patient recover better from a cardiac episode.

Hatzolah has embarked on a new project to not only use EMCools technology, but to train hospitals to use it and treat patients appropriately when they come out of a therapeutic hypothermic state. Hatzolah has trained all its responders to use the cooling pads and extended the training to two, major, private hospitals. Aside from these hospitals, there are no medical facilities that provide therepeutic hypothermia to adults, post cardiac arrest (the treatment is mainly practiced on children).

Thanks to Hatzolah pioneering the training and application of EMCools within the organization and in hospitals, better treatment is now available to cardiac patients in South Africa and more lives will be saved.