Hatzolah takes on the Argus

Still on a high from our fantastic success at the 94.7 Cycle Challenge last year, Hatzolah couldn't wait to get a team together and tackle the mighty Cape Argus Pick 'n Pay Cycle Tour. While the 94.7 was an internal teambuilding exercise for Hatzolah, the Argus was a fundraising event and as many riders as possible were encouraged to join the Hatzolah team to help raise money and save lives. At this year's Argus, Hatzolah enjoyed tremendous support during the grueling 110km, especially from their fellow Joburg competitors. As temperatures at the top of Chapman's Peak reached a blazing 42°, every bit of support was welcome!

All riders with the Hatzolah team were encouraged to arrange their own sponsorship, either per kilometer or a flat donation for the entire race and to throw in a little extra motivation - team members who raised R18 000 or more were entered into a draw to win a state-of-art bicycle (Well done to our winner, Layve Rabinowitz). A total of 25 competitors comprised the Hatzolah team and we spent a very special Shabbat all together in the beautiful Cape over the race weekend, instilling a profound sense of camaraderie among our riders.

A very special thanks to our incredibly generous sponsors; to Bidvest who covered so many of our expenses, including riding kits for each of us to ensure we looked like a team on race day. Thank you to Treger Brands and Trek, who provided invaluable assistance with bicycles and accessories for our team, to Protea Hotels who gave us preferential pricing on accommodation, and to 32Gi – we thank you all. We encourage the entire community to join Hatzolah for next year's Argus. It'll be a blast!

As one challenge is complete, we eagerly embark on the next one. We have already registered a Charity Bond team for the 2012 Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge, which takes place in November. Contact the Hatzolah office on 0860 100 101 to sign up and join the Charity Bond team.