Keep our number handy

As a service to the community and to assist dispatchers when taking emergency calls, Hatzolah, with the kind assistance of 36ONE, have had a fridge magnet produced which will be distributed to the following places:

Mooz, Tiberius, Pie Works, Maxi's/Bolbrands, Homelys, Moishe's , Trevor's , Friends , Kosher World, Feigels, Shoshana's, Michelos, D.J.'s (both).

Before you put your magnet up, please ensure that you complete your details on the magnet in the event you need to make an emergency call to Hatzolah, the answers to the questions that the dispatcher will ask you are right in front of you.

Contact number: This should be the number of the place where the magnet is being displayed.
Complete physical address: Unit #, complex name & street number & street name.
Suburb: Please insert the suburb of the above address.
Closest street corner: The closest corner that your road intersects with another road.

Please print clearly on the magnet so that should you need the details in an emergency, you can read them.