Reaching the Youth on National CPR Day

The first week in November was National CPR day. Hatzolah took part in this nationwide initiative to broaden awareness about a simple method that, if performed properly, can save lives.

The only way to administer CPR correctly is to be trained properly. That’s why Hatzolah is determined to spread our CPR training resources as much and as far as possible, both at a community and a national level.

Two years ago, Hatzolah paramedics stationed themselves at local shopping centers and invited the public to learn how to perform chest compressions on our CPR mannequins and sign up for our certified CPR training course. This year, we took a slightly different approach. Paramedics from Hatzolah went to local schools with CPR dolls and connected with the youth by letting them test their skills and CPR knowledge and engage in lively conversation about the Hatzolah organization. It was inspirational to see how individual members of the community – including schools pupils – can get involved and make a real difference to the general health and wellbeing of our community.

This school-visiting initiative opened the students’ eyes to the fascinating, fulfilling world of EMS (Emergency Medical Services) and inspired the next generation of Hatzolah dispatchers and responders.

The paramedics took the time to hear the stories and dreams of the students and their hopes for the future. While many dream of pursuing a career in medicine, others wanted to travel the word and some students expressed interest and asked for advice about becoming a paramedic. As the Hatzolah paramedics cultivated genuine connections with the students, they got to experience the essence of Hatzolah, not only in the context of a distressing medical emergency.

The Hatzolah CPR Training Centre has this message for our community: "Hatzolah responds to life-threatening situations everyday. These unfortunate, sometimes tragic situations can happen so suddenly and all too often, bystanders don’t know what to do and are left feeling helpless. Hatzolah offers a CPR course that covers all the major life-threatening situations and how to help in the fastest and most effective way. Our goal is to ensure that as many people as possible are properly trained with the skills and knowledge to perform the basics skills of CPR and choking. We urge everyone, young and old, to book for the course. Hatzolah does not benefit financially in anyway from these courses; the aim is to save as many lives as possible.”

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