Results stat! With I-Stat

We're proud to let you know that we have recently purchased an I-Stat machine, which analyses chemical levels in the blood. The I-Stat is like a 'mini blood test;' it detects the levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide, PH Balance and all ions in the blood. By detecting and analysing these concentrations in the blood, serious cardiac and respiratory complications can be identified much faster, before the patient has even arrived at hospital. The correct treatment can then be readied and administered much faster at the awaiting hospital, because blood tests have been conducted right away and essential, precious time has been saved. The I-Stat is portable, so it can be brought to the scene of the emergency and used at the location or en route to the hospital in the ambulance.

Aside from ambulances that transport ICU patients, Hatzolah is currently the only emergency organisation that uses the I-Stat and we're very excited about using this remarkable new technology to detect medical complications quicker so that we can provide help immediately, and therefore – save more lives.