The MegaCode Kelley – Our Emergency Scenario Simulators

Hatzolah South Africa is renowned for its state-of-the-art facilities – from training facilities, to emergency rescue vehicles and ambulances to basic support equipment.

The recent acquisition of two MegaCode Kelley advanced life support training mannequins has greatly aided the training simulation techniques available to the team.

The MegaCode Kelley is a full-body mannequin designed for the practice of difficult airway scenarios, cardiac malfunction and IV therapy. The advantage of this advanced mannequin is its ability to integrate pre-programmed simulation content, designed to provide students with realisitic scenario-based clinical training focused on specific learning objectives geared toward patient assessment, patient diagnosis, interventions and management of care.

Some of the specific features of the MegaCode Kelley include:

  • An airway/intubation trainer
  • Cardiac-related skills (simulated rhythm variations, manual chest compressions, pacing and defibrillation)?
  • Circulatory skills and IV drug administration

Real-life simulations of regular emergency situations are a unique tool that enables emergency rescue practitioners to become familiar with the diagnostics of any given situation. This familiarity will increase the speed and efficiency of handling an emergency scene, no matter how challenging the situation. As an airway trainer alone, the MegaCode

Kelley stretches the limits for emergency rescue training methodology. Some of the scenarios that can be simulated on the mannequin include diagnoses and procedures including: Obstucted Airway, Endotracheal/Nasotracheal intubation, Ventilation, Surgical and Needle cricothyrotomy, Suctioning techniques and Stomach auscultation

In addition to the above, Glen Oaks Lions Club generously donated an ALS Baby Doll simulator.

The ALS Baby is a three-month-old infant with an anatomy that offers exceptional realism for realistic infant resuscitation training.

The ALS baby offers the opportunity to practice advanced resuscitation skills, including airway management, professional rescuer CPR, vascular access, and 4-lead ECG monitoring. Thank you Glen Oaks Lions Club!

All of these mannequins will offer tremendous benefit to the training of the Hatzolah team.

Hatzolah is proud to be the only South African Emergency Service provider to have such mannequins in-house for training purposes only. This will improve the skillset of all our volunteer and permanent staff who graciously give of their time to do what Hatzolah does best – saving lives.