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I would sincerely like to thank the paramedics who attended to my medical emergency at xx, xxth Street Orange Grove on Tuesday the 22nd of May at around 1pm. Very professional, quick responders, who showed empathy and warmth. Although I was quite out of it, I felt like I was in safe hands. Thank you for the wonderful job that you do.

Hi Darren,

Please pass on the message 😊

I just want to give a big shoutout and *THANK YOU* to Yudi, Rael, Yehuda Sevitz and Hilly for responding to my niece at school this morning.

We never take you guys (all of you) for granted!!! And it makes me realize how blessed and fortunate I am to be part of this family.

With love and gratitude, Xxxxx

My deepest and sincerest thanks to the team of wonderful amazing guys who came in an instant to assist me and my son yesterday morning when he collapsed and split open the back of his head.

There are no words to describe what respect and admiration I have for this incredible organization. Kol Hakavod to you all for your selfless caring compassionate and highly qualified men who do this unbelievable work and provide this outstanding medical service.

You should all be blessed to continue your wonderful work. You go beyond the distance.

Thank you thank you thank you.

Kindest and best regards

Good day

I would just like to give a big thank you to Hatzolah . At the end of last year my mother Pushed me to attend one of your CPR course as I am volunteering with children at the moment. To be honest at the start I thought it was going to be the biggest waste of my time as I thought I would never be in a situation where myself would have to preform CPR on someone. I always thought there would be someone always nearby who would know how to do it.

Today I was mistaken. I was running on the treadmill at my small gym who are located in an office block. Some man came running up the stairs screaming does anyone know CPR as a woman has just collapsed and is not breathing. No one new CPR except me. Before I could even think I ran down stairs and saw her lying on the floor. My adrenaline kicked as well as the voice of my Hatzolah instructor going through every little step. I managed to do 30 compressions before she took a big breath and start to open her eyes. I even remembered to roll her on her side ones she started breathing.

I can’t thank your team enough. I am so thankful that our community is blessed with such an amazing organization. Had I not come to your CPR course who know what would have happened to that lady today.

Kind regards Xxxxxxx

Dear Hatzolah

I’ve always known that what you do is amazing but today you were more than amazing.

Thank you for helping me out today with the gentleman that died in my block of flats (Xxxxx Xxxxxx in Killarney).

I appreciate this very much and take my hat off to you all that make this organisation one of the strongest backbones of our community.

It’s organisations like Hatzolah that make me proud to be a Jew.

Thank you once again


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much. I cannot thank you enough. on Friday 17th February at around 12noon, I collapsed in our kitchen at home knocking my head on the hardest floor in the house. My head was in a pool of blood and I was unconscious. thankfully my wife called Hatzolah and within 5 minutes your team was here. I don’t remember much before waking up in the Milpark ICU, but your team was just fantastic and remarkably efficient and professional. Thanks again! My head is healing well and I’m not out of the woods yet, but progressing well. Since that day I’ve have 2 stents and a pacemaker put in. I may have to go into hospital again next week for another procedure. meantime B"H I’m alive to tell the tale with no small gratitude to your wonderful team and organisation. wishing you all good Shabbos and a Froiliche Purim. Best Regards,

I would like to thank the Hatzolah team for being extremely responsive and helpful! After 5 Hours other medical services had not arrived, but after calling Hatzolah the team arrived within 7 minutes!

Thank you!

I would like to thank the guys at Hatzolah, who helped my Mother about 5 weeks ago at Golden Acres. They were there before I arrived, and I got there fast, and were very professional and compassionate. They were actually fantastic. The guys concerned were Bernard Segal, Judd Baum and Yudi Singer. Thanks guys. We are very blessed to have such an organization. Even though my Mother passed away about 2 weeks ago, these guys gave her an extra 3 weeks of life.

I will be making a donation later

Words cannot describe my gratitude to your team. They responded in less than 30 seconds to my residence to assist my mother who was feeling gravely ill.


Dearest Hatzolah team,

On Friday morning, my son and I were in a horrific car accident on Xth avenue and XXth street Orange Grove.

I phoned Hatzolah- I don’t even remember what I said to the operator- but you guys found us and more importantly you helped us.

My son (2 ½ years) had split his head open (which required surgery later on in the day) and I cannot explain how calm and reassuring your team was.

You saved us.

Please can you find out who the gentleman were who helped us that morning and pass on this message. Thank them from the bottom of my heart. I am forever grateful.

Thank you!
Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx

Dear Hilly Reuben and his team of Hatzolah respondents,

I would like to express profound thanks and gratitude to Hilly and his team who responded to my call from Cyrildene JHB.

They were so caring and efficient in helping and trying to resuscitate Xxxxxxx.

I was also overwhelmed by the attendance of more than a Minyan of Hatzolah respondents who attended Xxxxxx's funeral on Wednesday xxth January to pay her (and myself) respect and honour.

I feel immensely privileged to count myself part of a community that has such dignified and wonderful Menschen.

With all blessings and gratitude

Xxxxxxx Xxxxx

My name is Xxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxx and I live in London. My wife Xxxxxx and I were on holiday in South Africa and last week we were staying at The Saxon Hotel in Johannesburg. My wife was suddenly taken ill at about 10pm and we feared she might be having a heart attack. Through the hotel we sought the help of a doctor but there was a delay in anyone to attend her. We were then told by a local friend of ours to call the Hatzolah emergency number which I did. Within about 15 minutes four of your wonderful volunteers arrived at our hotel room and immediately and so competently thoroughly examined my wife. The leader of the team was Uriel Cohen and I cannot speak too highly of his professionalism, ability and kindness. Within minutes he arranged for my wife to be admitted to Morningside Hospital and, crucially organized for a really good cardiologist to meet us at hospital. My wife was admitted to hospital having, been taken there and treated on the way, by your superbly trained and able team. Within hours, through the initiative and determination of Uriel my wife was able to undergo a surgical procedure which was successfully carried out by the excellent and kind Dr Angel. My wife was released from hospital within 48 hours and we have been able to continue our holiday. This did not seem to be possible a few days ago.

I want to express the heartfelt thanks and appreciation of Judith and myself for the amazing help we received from your wonderful organization. In particular, I want to thank Uriel for all his assistance. I should also please like you to send me the details of where I should make a donation to express our appreciation in a more meaningful way.

In thanks and gratitude

Xxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxx

I was hugely grateful and impressed by Hatzollah when they were called to come to my house, which they did 'in the blink of an eyelid', on Thursday last, when I was not well. Our stand-alone community is extremely privileged and blessed beyond words to have such a prompt and professional medical emergency team at all times, upholding the safety and sanctity of human life. The respect, discretion, diplomacy, effectiveness and follow-up of the medical personnel who attended to me - right into in the casualty ward itself and stayed with me - was very comforting. Please e-mail me banking details, to make a donation to Hatzolah before Rosh Hashanah.

Wishing All at Hatzollah and their families, a peaceful, safe and meaningful Rosh Hashanah.

Best regards, xxxx Xxxx, Linksfield

Hi Judy, my name is Xxxxxx Xxxxxx & I would just like to send out a word of thanks & appreciate to your team of Paramedics who responded to my son Xxxx's fall from a jumping castle at King David Victory Park on Wednesday (did not get all the guys names but know & spoke to Yudi Singer) their care & assistance was unbelievable. Thank you

They transported Xxxx to Linksfield Clinic & I met Paramedic Daniel Singer there, what a truly amazing Paramedic he went out of his way in every possible aspect & needs a special mention & thanks.

Just a quick updated, Xxxx had 3 hours of surgery and had pins & plates inserted, he is in lots of pain & swelling & was discharged this morning and is settled at home to begin his road to recovery.

On behalf of Xxxx, myself and the rest of the family we Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your help and assistance.

Will keep you updated on Xxxx's progress and hopefully he will visit as soon as he feels up to it.

Good Shabbos
Lots of love Xxxx and the Xxxxxxx Family

We want to thank Hatzolah most sincerely for the wonderful work the Team did on Sunday 25th September. They attended to me at home and then transported me by Ambulance to Morningside Hospital.

They were efficient, caring and concerned.

Would like to mention how amazing Robyn was on the phone.

She wanted only the best for me and advised us what to do.

Thank you very much Robyn.

The guys who were wonderful were Daniel Singer, Yudi Singer, Dovi Joel and Rael Jankelowitz.

Thank you all very much.


Dear Hatzolah team

On behalf of my siblings and I we wish to express our extreme hakarat hatov to the team that was called out to my mother at Golden Acres last Wednesday night.

Firstly, just to know that there is someone to call is a great relief. When the responders poured into her flat we were grateful for their care and experience in handling my mom. They worked extremely hard to resuscitate her and we were kept informed all the time. Uriel Rosen was with us at the hospital and his care and expertise were outstanding. At one stage I said to him – “don’t you think you have gone beyond the call of duty as he was with us for a long while. His response was “This is my call of duty””.

To each and every one of the team we are truly grateful. My mom is still in ICU and PG making decent progress. She has truly been given a second chance by Hashem and his team of angels.

May Hashem bless you all and give you the strength to continue this special work. We are proud of you all

Best wishes

Hi Hatzolah team

My wife and I want to thank Hatzolah for their assistance with our grandmother on Saturday night. She fell and broke her hip at her Alzheimer’s care home in Waverley and was assisted by the team of Uriel, Hillie and Jaden who were fantastic. The speed of the response and the professionalism that they showed in stabilising her and transferring her to Netcare Linksfield was exemplary.

I would like to increase my monthly donation amount to Hatzolah - please will you arrange for someone to call me to formalise this.

Kind regards

I have been the recipient of care from an unbelievable organization over the past months, the last one being this past Monday. The people behind the scenes, that is phone and office staff, make one feel very important. But the most awesome and mind blowing are the men who head up the ambulances. I do not have enough adjectives and words to give the proper accolades Thank you all