Hatzolah's Frequently Asked Questions.

When do I call Hatzolah?

Hatzolah should only be called in a medical emergency where the patient’s life or limb are potentially in immediate danger. Hatzolah will respond, stabilise the patient and transfer them to hospital.

It will be appreciated that to send out highly trained medics with hundreds of thousands of rands worth of emergency medical equipment to something which is not a dire emergency or to someone who could just as easily have been put in the car and taken to hospital is not an appropriate use of resources. Hatzolah is not to be used simply as a convenience.

It will also be appreciated that calling out an ambulance when it is not truly required may jeopardise the life of someone else who requires that ambulance urgently at that time.

Does Hatzolah do medical check-ups?

Like all emergency medical response services, Hatzolah does not treat patients at home unless that treatment is required prior to hospital transportation. Hatzolah also does not do medical check-ups, for this you need to take the patient to your GP or local hospital.

Does Hatzolah do inter-hospital or home-hospital transfers?

These transfers are where the patient needs to be moved but cannot be moved by car and needs an ambulance to move them. These transfers are almost always not time critical and therefore not emergencies. As Hatzolah focuses on emergency medical response, Hatzolah will only do these type of transfers during weekdays and only if the ambulances are not busy on real emergencies.

Call our dispatch line for further information.

Does Hatzolah respond on Shabbos and Yom Tov?

Yes – but because all of Hatzolah’s responders and dispatchers are strictly Shomrey Shabbos, they will only come out in life threating situations. For other situations on Shabbos you will be referred to another ambulance service if you require. Hatzolah dispatchers are trained on what they can and can’t dispatch on Shabbos and Yom Tov so if you are in doubt call the emergency line.

What area of operation does Hatzolah Cover?

Hatzolah responds to emergencies within the Greater Glenhazel area and selected surrounding areas, from the western border of Edenvale, to Rosebank, and from the Northern border of the Johannesburg CBD to the Marlboro area. We also cover Sandton and Gallo Manor, as well as Greenside, Emmerentia and Victory Park.

What size is the team of medical personal?

Hatzolah has around 50 volunteer medical personal and the way Hatzolah operates is that at any given time there is hopefully a volunteer fully equipped and close by to be able to assist until the ambulance arrives on scene to transport the patient to hospital.

Are the directors remunerated in any way?

No – the directors are all volunteers for the organisation.

Is there any charge for calling Hatzolah?

No, there is no charge, Hatzolah’s funding comes through the generosity of the Jewish Community.