Any time, any where, somebody may need your help

Any time, any where, somebody may need your help You can make the difference and help save a life Be prepared and learn CPR Come join in the fun and be a part of Hatzolah’s CPR awareness week on Thursday 6th November at 18h00 at the Norwood Mall.

"A 19-year-old student is in his room on a public holiday, working on a university project. Suddenly, he hears a terrible scream and realizes that he recognizes the voice. It is the screams of his mother from the garden and the distress of hearing her so desperately terrified causes the boy to jump out of a one-story bedroom window and run toward her.

Still screaming, she points to the other end of the garden, where her husband - the boy's father - lies unconscious in a chair. The boy knew that there is only one thing to do in this situation - CPR. The boy didn't know how to perform CPR but staring at his unconscious father, this was hardly going to stop him from trying. He threw his father to the ground and did what he believed to be CPR, and wouldn't stop until there were enough paramedics to take over. After an hour of all attempts to resuscitate him, a paramedics examined his father and announced that he had passed away.

One of the paramedics on the scene walked up to the boy, put his arm around him and congratulated him on performing CPR. He continued to console the boy over and over, insisting that so many onlookers and bystanders at emergency scenes to which he had responded had simply held back, witnessed a life slipping away and done nothing to help. What the boy could never forget however, was the feeling of utter hopelessness at not knowing how to perform CPR properly.

It was this profound loss, the loss of his father that caused the boy to become an emergency medical responder and open a training facility that teaches as many people as possible how to perform CPR. It is the knowledge and training of how to bring a person out of life-threatening unconsciousness that gives people the confidence to get involved, step in and save a life. Those precious moments of beginning CPR the second you see a person in distress is quite literally the difference between life and death.

The boy in this story is Alon Crouse, a full-time medical responder for the Hatzolah team and the founder of Hatzolah's CPR Training Centre. The harrowing experience of how he lost his beloved father was what inspired him to join the Hatzolah team and it is this story that he tells to those who join his courses. We should all know the simple steps it takes to breathe life into a desperate person hanging to the edge of it. CPR gives you the tools to save a life. Contact Hatzolah for more information about CPR training."