Hatzolah International Convention

Hatzolah South Africa is proud to be spearheading
the International Hatzolah Convention, in the heart of Africa.

The centrality of South Africa internationally, and the favorable exchange rate reduces costs significantly for international delegates. We can offer a packed program for a fraction of the cost of running such a convention elsewhere.

The South African medical community has a wealth of experience due to our extremely high patient to doctor ratio. Doctors and medics from all over the world come to South Africa to gain rapid experience.

“What I saw here in 1 week-end was more than I experienced in 4 years
of my training as an emergency physician. I am blown away”

says an EM resident from Toronto Canada.

We will be having lectures from experienced South African doctors and paramedics, some of whom are top in their field in the world. We will also be having sessions with key invited international lecturers.

The academic programme will be world class. Sessions will also include lectures on fundraising, organizing a successful Hatzolah, and networking with other Hatzolah medics. A favorite will undoubtedly be the practical sessions where we will be using technologically advanced manikins and animal tissue to practice skills that may only have been a theory up until now.

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