Hatzolah reaches new heights in technology

Hatzolah is about to enjoy some exciting new technological developments! We'd like to share them with you - past, present and future.

  1. What's already happened? In December 2012 we went live with an Electronic Patient Report form. Using a Samsung Android tablet, Hatzolah can now capture a patient's medical details digitally, a massive improvement on the previous method of maintaining patient records in hard copy. These records include any medical conditions, previous medical emergencies, allergies and medication. Since its launch, the system has been enormously successful and we look forward to improving upon it even further.
  2. What's happening soon? In July of this year, further exciting developments are underway on the technological frontier of the Hatzolah organisation. Introducing the Electronic Contact Report. This report is filled out by the dispatchers whenever they receive an emergency call, then rapidly forwarded to responders. It contains all the essential information required by responders to treat a patient at the scene of the emergency. The information contained in the the Electronic Patient Report and the Electronic Contact Report used to be recorded manually by Hatzolah staff. Now the process is performed remotely and automatically, creating smoother channels of communication between staff, responders, hospitals and patients, and ultimately – more lives are saved.
  3. Our long-term goal is to operate the organisation through a program which allows Hatzolah staff to access all our patients' medical records and details immediately upon insertion of the patient's ID number. Drop down menus will allow for seamless, rapid access and the best care possible for each individual patient.