Hatzolah rides to save lives

A fervent team of Hatzolah volunteers and community members hit the streets of Cape Town on their bikes, for South Africa's most prestigious cycling event - the Pick n Pay Argus Cycle Tour.

Thanks once again to Bidvest's enormously generous sponsorship, Hatzolah will embark on our largest ever Pick n Pay Argus Cycle Tour. What started off as a team building exercise for Hatzolah volunteers has now become one of our most significant fundraising events of the year.

One of the more unique aspects of Hatzolah's involvement in the Argus is that it is available to anyone who loves to ride and wants to make a contribution to their community. While some of our more serious riders are competing to break their own personal records, others are happy to take it a little slower and just enjoy the ride. Either way, the goal of helping Hatzolah is one that unites the entire team, no matter their age or background. Our youngest competitor this year is 14 years old.

Hatzolah was also recently inspired by a 5-day cycle tour in Israel every year that raises funds for a local children's hospital. Competitors embark on a 5-day cycle race around the entire country to create awareness and generate funds for the hospital. An equivalent event in South Africa could be Hatzolah's greatest fundraising tool to date and we will keep you posted on the details. The Hatzolah 5-day Cycle Tour of Southern Africa may just be our next exciting project, so keep reading our newsletter and check out our news page for the latest updates.

Thank you once again to Bidvest; we couldn't have done it without you. And best of luck to all this year's Argus competitors. Have a great ride!

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