Hatzolah takes care of Shabbat in hospital

If you or a loved one have to spend time in hospital over a weekend, the last thing you should have to worry about preparing is for Shabbat. That’s why we’ve made sure that the two private hospitals most frequently used by Hatzolah (Linksfield Clinic and Milpark Hospital) contain cupboards stocked with "emergency" food supplies for use on Shabbos and Yomtov, when access to regular kosher meals are not available. This food is intended for use by patients who are taken to hospital either on Shabbos or Yomtov, or just before.

The cupboards are kept locked, marked "Hatzolah Cupboard" and contain full family packs, each with a bottle of grape juice, a few siddurim, matzos over which to make the brachot, as well coldrinks and snacks that are suitable for a shorter stay.

This is a complimentary service for our patients and their family members; our way of making your stay in hospital a bit more bearable. If you should ever make use of the contents of these cupboards, please let our office know on 0860 100 101 so that we can ensure they all remain fully stocked.

To gain access to the cupboards:

At Linksfield the cupboard is in the staff restroom of the Casualty Department, marked "Hatzolah Cupboard". The key for the cupboard is kept inside the inner compartment of the Casualty Department’s drug cabinet. It can be obtained from the Duty Sister. If you should make use of the cupboard, please return the key to the Duty Sister.

At Milpark the cupboard is also in the staff restroom of the Casualty Department and is also in one of their built-in cupboards. Inside the cupboard in the kitchen unit marked "Hatzolah Supplies", just to the right of the fridge, is another cupboard door padlocked with a combination lock. The combination is the well-known "613." Please do not disclose the combination to the staff.