Where there's Smoke…

The risk of fire exists in your home every day. Although it's impossible to remove the threat completely, it is possible to protect yourself and your family against it.

According to Hatzolah's experience, the community seems relatively unaware about fire safety in the home. Fires are more common than you might assume, and Hatzolah has responded to several calls regarding undetected fires that have rapidly gotten out of control.

It's advisable to have a smoke detector in every room of your home, or at the very least, in the most central area, such as the passage. CE-approved smoke detectors are available from Hatzolah's head office in Glenstar House, Glenhazel, and cost R50 each.

The alarms are battery-operated, and installed with a low battery indicator, alerting you when the battery needs changing, and have a test button to check that the unit is operating properly. They're also fitted with double-sided tape, so you can easily install them yourself.

We encourage the community to protect their homes and families against the threat of fire, and to install as many smoke alarms in your home as possible.